The evolution of technology is so vast that even pest removal process is made easy with its aid. If your household is infested with mice, then the best and easy way to get rid of them is with the help of electronic mouse repellent. You can also get rid of them with the help of conventional methods such as mouse traps, glue board, rat poison, etc, but it takes a lot of time and effort. The great part of using the electronic mouse repellent is that you just need to plug it into a socket and wait for the mice to run out.

There are two kinds of electronic mice repellent which works in two different methods. The first method works by emitting ultrasonic sound waves of very high frequency. The sound waves range from 30-60khz which is quite high for mice. It will get irritated with the noise and will finally leave the house. The frequency also keeps varying from low to high which makes it unbearable for the mice to stand it. This will easily make the mice leave your household and never come back

The other kind of mouse repellent device is used by creating an electromagnetic wave in the electrical wiring and sockets which cause great inconvenience for mice. These electromagnetic waves cause vibration that effectively irritates the mice. It is guaranteed to drive the mice out without any kind of hard work. All that is needed to do for pest removal to work is to plug in the device in a 120 volt socket and then wait for the mice to leave. The waiting period is also considerable lesser as compared to the other conventional methods.

These devices do not cause any kind of harm to humans, dogs or cats. If you have any rodents such as hamsters as pets, then this device is not useful as these pets may also get irritated due to the sound waves or the electromagnetic field. It may cause great discomfort to your pets.

The best electronic pest control device is the Original Pest Offense which is quite efficient and has commendable success rate. It has a surge protector and also has an indicator light which can also be used as a night light. One Original Pest Offense can be used for one complete floor to effectively safe guard your home.