5 Things Exterminators Check During Bed Bug Inspections

Sheets and Pillowcases

One of the first places any exterminator will investigate is the sheets and pillowcases. Having white or light colored sheets increases the likelihood of discovering bed bug evidence such as small blood stains from bed bug blood, fecal matter, and eggs. If visual evidence is missing, bed bugs may still be present, but there’s a reduced chance of an infestation. Exterminators can also locate bugs through scent detection. If an infestation is present, a strong, musty odor is often one of the first signs.


Bed bugs want to be near their food source, so living in the cracks and crevices along seams in mattresses is common. Trained exterminators will also examine the mattress thoroughly, usually using a flashlight since bugs are very small and difficult to detect. Most experts agree that mattress encasements, made out of tightly woven material with zipper enclosures, are effective in preventing bed bug infestations.

Box Springs

Bed bugs like to hide during the day since they are nocturnal creatures, so box springs also provide a comfortable living space. Locating bed bugs in box springs can be difficult, but the wooden frames are often a favorite hiding place. Most exterminators will do a careful and thorough investigation of the box springs as well.

Bed Frame

Though bed frames and headboards are not the first location bed bugs will choose to live, if there is a serious infestation and overcrowding, bugs will move to any area that keeps them relatively close to their food source. If an infestation is suspected, a good exterminator will check all possible hiding places around the bed including the frame and set up active monitoring devices to detect and capture live bugs so that an infestation can be confirmed accurately.

Wooden Furniture

Bed bugs like natural materials, so any wooden furniture, such as headboards, night stands, shelves, or dressers, that is near the bed could contain bed bugs. A professional exterminator will take the time to carefully investigate all areas near and around the bed where bed bugs could be hiding. Keeping a room clutter-free and organized is one of the best ways to help easily identify bed bug infestations.