Do-it-Yourself: Taking the Reins with Pest Control

Your home is your safe haven, and, when it’s infiltrated, it’s a violating feeling. Whether you’re struggling with ants, roaches, mice, or some other critter, there are ways you can take matters into your own hands and reclaim control over your domain.

Traps and Lures

A great way to ensure you indeed are catching pesky critters traps is to set up traps and lures. These allow you to make a definite catch. Mouse, roach, ant, and other traps can be purchased at many retail stores for under five dollars, and there are many from which you can choose from sticky bates to lures. By keeping the traps continually set, you will gradually reduce and eventually overcome your problem. Even when you think you’ve eradicated the problem, it’s not a bad idea to leave traps and lures set in case a straggler makes its way through your walls.

Sprayers and Equipment

While traps can individually wipe out pests, a more widespread way to take care of a problem is to make the investment in sprayers and equipment to make a wide sweep of the entire residence. Innovations are constantly being made, and you can find easy and convenient equipment to work with and perform an adequate job. You can also choose from a variety of natural harmless pesticides now on the market.

Getting to the Bottom of Termite Problems

Termites pose a significant risk to your home, and their presence can severely diminish its value. This makes the investment in termite baiting tools one that can certainly pay off tenfold. Using bait, you are essentially trying to attract attention from a portion of the entire population. Once foraging termites begin to consume and then share with their nest mates, you will begin to notice the population diminish.

It’s important to understand that termite populations can be very high, and, if you plan to execute this type of pest control project yourself, you must be diligent. It’s necessary for you to closely monitor progress. Once your bait expires, re-baiting is often needed. Remember, until the home is termite-free, your problem will continue to re-emerge.

Make Your House Your Home

It’s hard to make your house feel like home when you have unwanted guests settling in. However, you have the power to take control. With all the barriers and repellents available, you can rediscover your dominance at a price you can afford.