using insecticide

If you are a gardener or you just love gardening and you never use any artificial fertilizers, then you are simply practising what is known as organic gardening. Indeed this type of gardening is very helpful to the environment because it does not involve the use of chemicals or substances that may cause harm to the environment. It is however also true that pests are some of the most irritating of creatures, and no matter how much you wish to keep your garden organic, you may be forced to use some kind of insecticide to get rid of some of these pests. Before you use any insecticide, it is always good to know that there are two types of insecticides which are basically natural and artificial insecticides. The choice of which of the two you use will depend on several factors that only you can decide on.

Of course most people would recommend the use of natural insecticides because they have very little negative impact on the environment. It is also true that natural insecticides are very cheap and by using them you will save a lot of money. On the other hand, the use of artificial insecticide may be harmful to the environment and will also cost you a lot of cash as compared to the use of the natural insecticides. It is however true that most artificial insecticide are more effective than their natural counterparts. By using artificial insecticides, you will therefore ensure that you eradicate all the pests that may be affecting your garden or whichever place that may have been attacked.

Some of the pests that may be causing problems to any person who has a garden include things like butterflies during their caterpillar stage. Spider mites are also some of the most stubborn pests as they can eat a lot of plants because they generally multiply very fast. Shell insects are also very tiny but if not dealt with quickly they are able to kill plants after some period of time. Having the above points in mind, you should make your own decision on which insecticides are best for your garden needs.