What is an Insect Repellent?

An insect repellent is a substance that is used to ultimately discourage ants from climbing or landing on a surface. These mitigating pests can become a nuisance over time. It is more commonly referred to as “bug spray”. There are many insect repellent advantages that should be taken into consideration in order to prevent insects from causing harmful diseases. These repellents can control and ultimately prevent insect-borne diseases such as malaria from breaking out.

There are many registered insect repellents. One of the most common types of insect repellent types is birch tree bark, which is typically made into tar. As a combination with oil, such as fish oil, the repellent can then be applied to the skin, which can be used for repelling mosquitoes. There are also various other types of insect repellents, such as Icaridin, DEET, citronella oil, neem oil, and bog myrtle.

Natural repellents tend to be less effective than synthetic repellents. Some comparative studies have suggested that DEET is the most efficient repellent substance available, while other studies suggest the contrary. A form of essential oil as a repellent typically has a shorter live than other types of repellents. An independent consumer organization has tested various insect repellents and has found that DEET tends to be more effective than repellents that contain natural active ingredients. In this test, the synthetics that were tested showed nearly 100% repellency for the first two hours of the test. The natural repellents that were tested in this study thrived for the first thirty to sixty minutes of the test. In the end, they required reapplication in order to be effective over a prolonged period of time.

Insect repellents do pose some risk to certain people, such as children and pregnant women, so it is very important to read the label before applying the repellent to your skin. Many insect repellents are not necessarily recommended to be used on a young child. Pregnant women should also take precautionary measures due to the chemical exposure repellents can ultimately cause. The fetus may be vulnerable to the repellent, so taking alternative measures to keep the insects away is a more ideal solution.

A long list of insects can cause a need for using a repellent on the skin. By using an insect repellent, you can be assured that you will be able to keep mosquitoes away from pestering you while you are outdoors.