If you live in an area that has fire ants, then chances are that you are at risk of getting bitten. Fire ants have some of the most painful stings in the ant family and they must therefore be taken very seriously. When a person gets stung by these ants, they normally experience some burning sensation – that is why they are called fire ants. In other words, when you get stung, it’s like the ant has lit a fire on the affected part. The place stung will most commonly become itchy and thus you will be tempted to scratch, which is never a good idea because you will likely only be making the poison spread. A scar caused by a fire ant can take several weeks to disappear completely. To avoid this from happening in your home, consider Organic Pest Control measures to eliminate all insects.

If you get stung by these ants, it is always practical for you to act fast and leave the place where you got stung. This of course is done just so you move away from their nest to avoid more stings. Once you have moved away, it is better to find a private place where you then need to take off all your clothes because there may be more ants found in your clothes. You should then wash the area that got stung with soapy water and then use ice to stop the swelling from becoming worse. Alcohol is usually a great disinfectant to use on the area that is stung.

There are several other natural things that you can use to manage a fire ant sting if available in your home, which may be Organic Pest Control items. Some of these things may include; bleach and water, dish washing liquid, aloe jelly, ammonia, baking soda and water, thick paste of salt and crushed aspirin. It is also vital to add that different people react differently to fire ant stings and you must therefore always deal with each case in a unique way depending on the reaction that you see. Medical help may also be of vital importance in cases where the sting is severe.