Bed bugs are considered vampires of the household. A person who is bitten by a bed bug knows about the pain and irritation. If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your household, then it is necessary that you perform a pest removal process immediately to save yourself from a lot of hardship. Even if you are opting for an exterinator, you should sign a contract which will guarantee 100% pest removal.

But before you go about spending thousands of dollars, try these five things and see if it will help and bring down the number of bed bugs roaming around the house

Stop the path of infestation

Finding about the area of infestation will greatly help the pest removal process. Similarly, it will also help you to immediately get rid of bed bugs as they are found only in few areas of the house. It is extremely difficult if they are spread all around the house.

Natural alternatives

There are many products that are found around the house which will keep the bed bugs away. There is no need to spend tons of money on pesticides in the event of pest removal. Vinegar and borax powder are the two ingredients found in most kitchens. Use them in the bed bug prone area to keep the bugs away and stop the infestation

Sealing all the bed bug prone areas

Bed bugs are attracted to dark and old corners. They are found in the nook and corners of the mattresses and the couch. They also reside in the cracks of the walls and furniture. Sealing and airing the areas that are prone to attract bed bugs will help you to get rid of the bed bugs and it will make the pest removal process much easier.

Thorough cleaning and removal process

Bed bugs are found in various public places so it is important that you clean the clothes and bags that you carry around to stop bringing bed bugs in to your house. Similarly, always be on the look-out for bed bugs when you are watching movies in a theatre or shopping in a store. Avoid places where you have spotted bed bugs to keep your house safe from bed bug infestation.

Hot water treatment

Washing bed linens and clothes in hot water will kill the bed bugs, and also stop infection caused by them. It is important to sterilize everything when your house is under a bed bug infestation to keep it safe.

Bed bugs infestation is quite prominent in most of the cities and it is necessary to always be on the look-out, also be prepared to safe guard your home.