How to Successfully Keep Ants Away From Your Pets

Keeping ants away from pets can be a challenging task. These insects can get into your pet’s food and even worse, can get onto your pet and bite them. However, by taking the right approach, you can successfully keep these insects away from your pet.

One effective way to keep ants away from your pet is to keep your pet indoors. However, not all pets like to stay indoors all the time. If you have an outdoor pet, you might want to regularly monitor your yard for ant mounds and use poison to exterminate them.

If you don’t have an outdoor pet, ants can still find their way into your house. Ants thrive on having a good meal and are constantly searching to find it. They ultimately leave a formic acid trail that allows fellow ants to know where the food is. To discourage ants from hanging around in your house, put open food in sealed containers. If there are any leftovers from your pet’s dinner, get into the habit of moving them to the trash.

Another effective solution is to put a moat around your pet’s dinner. Although you may try to regularly remove loose food from your house, there is most likely a certain place where you keep open food in an unprotected container: your pet’s food bowl. While this is convenient for your pet, it attracts ants. For this reason, investing in a food bowl with a built in moat can be an effective solution.

Trapping the ants is another solution you can consider. If there is a formic acid trail in your house, it will be very obvious because there will be a number of ants following the same path along the walls and ceilings. You can get rid of this problem by removing the trail by scrubbing it down with soap and water. If you want to confuse the ants, take a little bit of vinegar and cover the ant path with it.

Fipronil armour can successfully keep ants away from your pets. Fipronil is an ant poison that has no evidence of being toxic to pets. Products such as Frontline can protect pets from ants. These products are available on the Internet and at pet stores.

These are just five of the ways to keep ants away from your pets. By taking these tips into consideration, you can be assured that your pet will not be bugged by the irritable insects.