Bed bugs and bed Bug Inconvenience are back in a big way. Nearly wiped out by DDT, populations have exploded since the banning of DDT and the rise in international travel. Nowhere is free from bed bugs, except for extremely cold places like Antarctica. With the rise in bed bugs, there has also been a rise of beg bug misinformation, such as these ten myths.

Bed Bugs Are Attracted to Dirt

Although a dirty, messy home gives bed bugs more places to hide than a clean, tidy home, bed bugs are not attracted to dirt. They are only attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide.

Bed Bugs Die in the Winter

Bed bugs do not die in the winter, although they can hibernate. Seasons and weather mean nothing to bed bugs; they only die during extreme temperatures or from old age, which is just over one year.

Bed Bugs Can Fly

Bed Bugs cannot fly – although their ancestors did. Today’s bed bugs retain vestigial wings, but they lost their ability to fly when they no longer needed to in order to find suitable prey.

Bed Bugs Can Be Killed with Over-the-Counter Products

Many homeowners have found out the hard way that over-the-counter bed bug sprays or home foggers do not work. Pesticide needs direct contact with a bed bug in order to kill it; however, the bugs can hide in areas where sprays do not reach, such as cracks in walls until it is safe for them to come out.

Bed Bugs Bites Spread Disease

It has never been proven that bed bug bites transfer disease from one person to another, however, the bites can itch.

Bed Beg Bites are Painful

Usually bites are not painful because bed bugs have a pain-killing chemical in their saliva; this is so prey can stay asleep as they feed.

You Always Have to Throw Out Your Bed When You Have Bed Bugs

This is not always true, provided the mattress does not have tears where bed bugs can hide.

One Bed Bug Treatment is All You Need

Sadly, this is false. It takes at least two treatments from a professional exterminator to get rid of an infestation because not all bed bug eggs would have hatched yet.

Bed Bugs are Too Small to See

In the bug life cycle, there are eggs, larvae and adults. Adult bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye. Bugs that have just fed tend to be darker and easier to see.

Bed Bugs Can Go for a Year Without Eating

Bed bugs can only go two to three months without a blood meal. That’s not a year – but still a long time!