5 Ways to Get Rid of Roaches: Tips on Maintaining a Roach-Free Living Space

There are many methods to successfully keeping living spaces free of cockroaches, a common household pest found in nearly any environment. Cockroaches are serious disease carriers and the presence of them not only causes discomfort, they often spread illness as well.

Two main techniques exist to keep roaches from entering or living in the home; natural roach deterrents and chemical based roach sprays.

Natural roach deterrents are the preferred method of getting rid of roaches, as they are usually safe for the people and pets that live in the home.

  • Keeping a crumb-free kitchen and a generally clean living space is crucial to deterring roaches. These nocturnal feeders, like many other household pests, are drawn to areas that provide them with food. Keeping the kitchen crumb-free is the first step to deterring the roaches.
  • The use of household items can also be highly effective in deterring roaches by creating an unwelcoming environment. Cloves or clove oil, bay leaves, mint oil, pepper spray, moth balls, and cedar products are all highly effective in discouraging roaches in the home.
  • Sealing the home is another measure to take in order to maintain a roach-free environment. Limiting the possible entry points for roaches and other pests will cut back on the numbers that can enter the home and will downsize the places that residents must use natural or chemical deterrents.

Considering that roaches can carry serious or life-threatening diseases, many people prefer to use a stronger deterrent or to kill the roaches outright. Roach sprays are popular and there is a wide variety of brands to choose from.

  • Roach sprays are available in numerous forms, including multiple pest control, all-natural and pet-friendly, and pin-point control to wide-range dispersal. The products are typically easy to use and the average individual can employ them with little effort.
  • Professional extermination should be utilized when the home is overrun with roaches, the residents are unable or unwilling to deal with the problem themselves, or at home deterrent tactics have failed. This method can be time-consuming and sometimes cost prohibitive, depending on the number of visits required.

Keeping a roach-free environment often requires multiple methods of deterrent, from maintaining a clean and crumb-free kitchen, to utilizing a roach killing spray in difficult problem areas. The best method for a specific space depends on the preferences of the individuals residing there and the level of roach infestation in the space.