It is a great effort to maintain a garden and grow your own vegetables, but when these plants are infected with disease, then it can be quite frustrating. To maintain healthy plants, all that is necessary is good soil along with necessary watering. It is also important to grow and maintain the plant in suitable temperature.

Tomato plants are easy to grow but early inspection of all kinds of disease along with pest removal is important to maintain the crop. Tomato crops are prone to the following kinds of disease or pest infections. Know the different ways to keep your plant safe and healthy.

Blossom end Rot

This disease will not let any tomatoes grow in your plant. It is essential to apply additional calcium and also, water regularly to keep the plant safe from this disease. Using mulch will help the soil to retain the moisture which will cure the infection immediately.

Tomato Hornworms

If you find this worm crawling on your tomato plants then the best pest removal technique is to remove the worms from the plant manually and immersing it in soap water. The soap water will kill the worm easily. There are also various pesticides that are available in the market which can be used but you should read the instructions properly before using.


They are otherwise called greenflies and the easy way to keep them away is by planting marigold or attracting ladybirds and ants near your tomato plants. Ladybirds and ants both eat aphids and this will keep your tomato plant safe and sound. If you do not wish to plant marigold then there are various pesticides available in the market to get rid of Aphids.

The other kinds of infection in your plant can be either the early blight or the late blight. You can easily save your plant from early blight by getting rid of the infected part, or by spraying copper or sulfur. One can try and save their plants from late blight with the help of copper spray but it is quite difficult. Septoria Leaf Spot can also be stopped with the help of copper spray. Southern blight can be stopped by rotating the crop and by using fertilizer that contains calcium and ammonium. Grey Leaf Spot and Verticillium Wilt are the two diseases which have no cure, but all kinds of diseases can be stopped from spreading by removing the infected part of the plant.