Man has always been in war against different pests and bugs. It has been the case since the evolution of mankind. There have been numerous cases in history which has shown that bugs have been one of the greatest enemies of mankind. The Egyptian mummification process came into existence because they did not want insects to disturb the deceased.

The pesticides are made of very strong chemicals that were used in the nerve gas technology during the World War II. These dangerous man-made chemicals can cause great danger to man’s nervous system. There are also chances that the brain can be affected due to the chemicals that are used in the pesticide.

Even when such strong pesticides are used on bugs, there are certain percentage of bugs that do not get affected. These kinds of bugs are quite immune to the chemicals and they pass it on to their offspring. These bugs do not die from the use of such pesticides. Since the bugs are capable of becoming immune to the pesticide, it is called pesticide resistance.

Formulating a much stronger pesticide is out of the question as the bug can easily become immune to the similar synthetic pesticide. The best alternative to over the issue caused by pesticide resistance is to out other natural and organic ways to get rid of pests. Natural products are good solution since they do not only safe guard our health, but also the atmosphere and our beloved soil. It also enhances the growth of the plants by adding additional nutrients.

Since the rest of the world are planning on going green for various other reasons, passionate and dedicated gardeners should also go green and start using natural products to keep the bugs away. Pesticide resistance is not possible with the natural product as the natural pesticides are made of organic products. There is no element of synthetic products that are present which are the main cause of pesticide resistance.

Greenbug All Natural Pest Products is run by Louise Hodge and her husband Dan. Louise, devoting her life to protect the environment is grateful to be making environment friendly products that are safe for man, plants and also the soil.