Growing tomatoes in your garden is a very good idea to provide you and your family safe and organic vegetables to cook for your daily meal. Vegetables found in the market are made to ripe with various chemicals which is not good for the health. So growing organic vegetables is a healthy and safe option. It also forms a great hobby.

Growing tomatoes is not as easy as it looks as they need to be protected and should be provided with correct environment and other additional care to yield good tomatoes. The safe way to grow a good organic tomato is to use homemade pesticide which is safe for the plants as well as humans. Natural products can help in making your own homemade insecticides. It is not very hard to find them and most of them are in your house or right around the corner of the street.

For those of you who do not want to break their heads on how to make them, there are a few ways mentioned below that you can follow.

Baking powder, oil and soap solution

Mixing two tablespoons of baking powder, oil and detergent soap solution with one gallon of water forms a great pesticide which keeps most of the pests away. Pests like aphids, spider mites, white-fly, red ants, and mealybugs are completely wiped out with the help of this solution.

Tobacco, garlic and hot pepper solution

You need to soak one complete leaf of tobacco in water overnight. While the tobacco leaf is being soaked, blend six cloves of garlic along with one tablespoon of hot pepper, one teaspoon of powdered soap and one onion in one gallon of water. This particular solution should be left for a couple of days and then strained to remove any kind of solid particles. Mix this solution along with the tobacco leaf solution and equally spray on plants. You can spray this particular solution on insects like horn worms, caterpillars, aphids, red ants, fruit worms, flea beetles, etc. using this spray continuously will eradicate the insect completely.

Self-control spray

Tomato plants have their own safety mechanism to safeguard itself from aphids. You can make use of it by blending two cups of grounded tomato leaves along with two cups of water. Strain the mixture to remove solid particles and spray on the plant to keep away aphids.

Salt spray solution

Just mixing salt with water forms a great mixture to keep away insects such as worms and spider mites. Shake the solution well before usage so that the salt is completely dissolved.

There are various other home remedies that can be created and used. If you are passionate about gardening, then mix few ingredients you think that will keep pests away and form your very own pesticides.